COVID-19: Remote Audits

As the world is working through the COVID-19 Pandemic we hope that everyone is able to stay safe and make the right choices with regard to self-quarantining and social distancing. At QACV we have seen an increase in remote audit requests whenever it is feasible to do so. QACV has performed many remote audits and we have extensive experience with the logistics of how remote audits are conducted in an efficient and effective manner. To provide support to organizations that are planning on conducting remote audits we are offering a free white paper on Considerations for Conducting Remote Audits. If you would like to receive the white paper please send an email request to We are also updating our audit procedures to specifically address remote audits which we will also make available at no cost upon request after the SOPs are updated. There is absolutely no obligation to QACV to receive these materials.

Our thoughts are with everyone who is dealing with this crisis. Remember to help our friends and neighbors that may be in need.