QACV’s Noreen Muscat presented on: Best Practice and Challenges of selecting and implem

Life Sciences companies face continual pressure to maintain the highest level of quality control in every facet of their operations. It is critical that companies strictly adhere to standard operating procedures to ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP). With processes constantly changing and being updated to maximize safety and efficiency, it is vital that these changes are also reflected in related documentation throughout a drug’s lifecycle.

People who attended this webcast learned how to:

•Select the right vendor – Learned key criteria for choosing a vendor who can serve as a strategic partner to your organization

•Ensure a successful implementation – Understand what to prepare in advance, the resources required and what to expect in terms of time frame

•Streamline system validation – Gain knowledge on best practices for setting realistic expectations on vendor support and learn validation differences between cloud and on premise systems

•Accelerate document migration – Get concrete steps you can take to prepare in advance to ensure a smooth migration

•Set Project Expectations – Learned how to set project expectations, choose Project Team members and understand reasonable time expectations

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